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NRS Chapter 543a permits for the recognition of nonresident cards by Nevada dispensaries.

This is good news if you are traveling to Nevada and need to obtain your medicine while here. Here are the things to be aware of before you visit:

  • To be considered valid, an out-of-state card must have an expiration date, and it must not be expired.
  • Our Nevada locations accept out-of-state medical cards with government issued ID (from outside Nevada) or passport.

Just bring your valid, qualifying card or recommendation and non-Nevada ID to any Nevada Reef location and we will get you signed up as a patient. At that time, you will also be required to sign an affidavit that you will follow Nevada’s Medical Marijuana regulations and limits while you are in the state.


A special note about Canadian recommendations:

We frequently see Canadian patients with Authorizations to Possess (ATP) issued under the now-repealed MMAR program. We know that holders of those ATPs are currently grandfathered in and can still use them in Canada, however at this time the state of Nevada will not allow us to accept them if the expiration date has passed.

Further, dispensary or “club” cards are not allowed if the issuing dispensary’s rules state the you can only obtain your medication from that club.

If you have a Canadian medical marijuana card that does not fall into either of these categories, then we will gladly accept it at any Nevada Reef location.