Where Will Las Vegas Tourists be Able to Use Cannabis?

Reef Vegas Strip Sunset

With the legalization of recreational cannabis beginning in the state of Nevada this summer, it raises a lot of questions on how and where it can be consumed. Despite the fact that Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, there aren’t a lot of options for out-of-towners to legally enjoy marijuana. Under current law, cannabis can only be used in the privacy of your own home. That complicates things for the millions of vacationers that help grow Nevada’s economy each year.

Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom has taken note of this and introduced Senate Bill 236, which proposes the idea of public destinations for cannabis consumption. While some may frown on this idea, we feel that it is important to define these regulations responsibly. This will not only help insure that tourists don’t break the law, but it will also define clear perimeters to keep public cannabis use away from places where it is not wanted.

In the latest piece for our Medium publication Tryke Cultivator, we imagine what the future of Las Vegas nightlife and social scenes might look like with legal, public destinations where cannabis can be enjoyed without penalty. Bottle service for weed? Check. Strip clubs where you can smoke? Check. Edible-driven restaurants? Check.

Head over to Tryke Cultivator to read more about an exciting possible future in the state of Nevada.