Tryke Vape Pens: A User’s Guide

Tryke Cartridge and Battery

Do you have questions about using the Tryke brand vape pen, cartridge, and battery kit? Not to worry, we’ve made this handy guide so you can enjoy your pen without issue.


1. How do I put the Tryke Concentrates vape pen together?

Screw the concentrate cartridge on to the pen. Battery should have a charge when you remove it from the package. If you need to recharge the battery, screw the USB battery into the pen and insert it into a powered USB port, such as on a cell phone charger or computer.

2. How do I use the Tryke Concentrates vape pen?

Since it is concentrated cannabis extract, you do not have to inhale a large amount to feel the effects. In fact, just a small pull from the inhaler will give you an immediate uplifting feeling. You should inhale the vapor and then exhale it when you feel comfortable to do so. The pen should light up to signify that it is charged and you are successfully inhaling the vaporized cannabis.

3. When does the battery need to be charged?

If the battery blinks when you try to inhale, that means the pen needs to be charged via USB. You can plug in the USB charger to an cell phone charger or a computer. While it is charging the light on the pen should be lit up. When it is finished charging, the light will turn off. Be sure remove it from the charger when this happens, do you do not overcharge the pen, which will burn the battery out.

4. I tried to inhale from the pen, the light lit up, but nothing came out. What do I do now?

Remove the cartridge from the battery. There should be a small hole on the bottom of the cartridge. Gently pushed a safety pin in the hole and it should unclog the cartridge. If that does not work, please contact us using the feedback form at

5. Is the Tryke Concentrates pen/battery compatible with other brand cartridges and vice versa?

As long as the third party cartridge is a 5/10 thread screw and completely screws flush onto the pen/battery, it should be compatible. As long as the battery on the third party pen has a wattage of 9.5 or lower, it should work with Tryke concentrate cartridges.

However, sometimes, for whatever reason, third party products do not work with our battery/pens or concentrate cartridges. That said, we suggest only using the Tryke brand batteries and cartridges together.

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