Tryke Companies / Reef Dispensary Announces Winners of 2018 ‘Reef Grants’ Program

Tryke Companies / Reef Dispensary celebrates its second year of the Reef Grants program. Reef Grants are cash allocations that to go toward projects or causes that the company feels strongly about. This year, the cannabis company has hand-picked eight charitable, non-profit organizations or in-need individuals to be a part of the Reef Grants program in Nevada and Arizona. Each cause was submitted by a Reef/Tryke employee and submitted for consideration. The contributions are as follows:

United Food Bank (Mesa, AZ):
The United Food Bank in Arizona provides hot, delicious meals to those in need. Tryke/Reef has donated a cash sum to the Mesa, AZ branch to see that those done on their luck can enjoy meals during the holiday season.

ThreeSquare.Org (North Las Vegas, NV): Three Square is the largest food bank in Southern Nevada, supplying upwards of 160,000 meals per month. Being a part of the YMCA, Three Square offers multiple programs for underfed youth, such as a free packed lunches for all children under the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 can walk into any Three Square provider and receive a boxed lunch for no charge. Three Square also offer a backpack program, giving out backpacks and snacks to the city’s youths. Tryke/Reef has donated a cash sum to support this organization.

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (Las Vegas, NV): Nevada Partnership For Homeless Youth is a shelter or drop-in center, that has emergency shelter for those in desperate need of everyday hygiene, room and board, and food. They offer programs such as Safe Place, for those needing to escape an abusive or toxic situation and the independent living program, which teaches individuals how to survive on their own, finding employment and maintaining financial stability. Tryke/Reef has donated a cash sum to this organization.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Reno, NV Post & Northern NV Veterans Resource Center (Reno, NV): As Tryke/Reef employs many veterans on its security team, we feel it is important to support those that offered their service to our country. The Veterans of Foreign Wars organization and the Northern Nevada Veterans Resource Center both offer assistance for vets with job placement, VA claims, financial difficulties, and other life-changing programs. Tryke/Reef has donated a cash sum to the Reno, NV post of VFW and the Northern NV Veterans Resource Center.

Medical GoFundMe (Phoenix, AZ): One of Reef’s employees has a 2-year old nephew whom suffered third degree burns after a tragic accident. His hard-working parents have been out of work in order to care for the child and have watched their medical bills pile up. Tryke/Reef has donated a cash sum to help the family with their medical expenses.

DJ Presto One GoFundMe (Las Vegas, NV): Reef’s resident DJ, Presto One (aka Murray McMurray) – has DJ’d many of our events over the past couple of years (“Day 1”, “Year 1”, “4/20/18”). This year, Presto had to have open heart surgery and a handful of additional procedures. Tryke/Reef has donated a cash sum to help Presto pay his medical bills.

Second Chance for Mark (Las Vegas, NV): Mark lives on the streets and sleeps under an overpass. He is an intelligent, engaging guy who is down on his luck after a series of events that began with him being shot in his home state of California last summer. Tryke/Reef is setting up Mark with an extended-stay apartment in Las Vegas, as well as a few changes of fresh clean clothes so that he can get himself cleaned up and ready to work.