Strain of the Week: Karat Cake

Type: Indica Leaning Hybrid
Genetics: Gelato x Wedding Cake
Flavor: Sweet, earthy
Effects: Creativity, Euphoria, Relaxation, Brief High

Two of the most popular strains on the market, Gelato and Wedding Cake, engaged in holy matrimony in a late night, drive thru wedding, just off of the Las Vegas Strip. Nine months later, out popped the decadent dessert strain KARAT CAKE. This exquisite Indica hybrid takes on the characteristics of her parents, adopting a similar, sumptuously sweet, earthy flavor profile. Karat Cake is a hybrid that leans Indica, but does not sap your energy, subtly wearing off over a short period. People love Karat Cake for the short bursts of creativity and happiness she provides, along with a not too heavy, brief period of relaxation.