Reef Dispensaries Announces Exclusive Partnership with Jungle Boys/Exotikz

In a story broken earlier this month by the LA Weekly, Reef Dispensaries is proud to announce its new partnership with massively popular California cultivators the Jungle Boys. Pheno-hunted and grown in Nevada, the Jungle Boys will license signature strains such as Purple Punch, Sundae Driver, Strawberry Shortcake, Gelato, and Pie Hoe to be exclusively grown and distributed in the state by Reef Dispensaries. The products will be marketed under the Exotikz line, created and curated by Taylor Gang rapper Berner and the Jungle Boys.

We had a chance to sit down with Reef Dispensaries CEO Matthew Morgan, Jungle Boys founder Ivan, and Exotikz creator Berner to discuss how the partnership came together and what to expect from these amazingly flavorful new strains of craft cannabis.

“This is an exciting time to release all of this to the people, because they are going to smoke some of the most amazing cannabis they’ve ever had in their lives,” says Jungle Boys’ Ivan.

“Everybody comes to Vegas, so this is a way that our brand can be seen by everybody in the recreational market. There will be people from Alaska, Norway, Japan, they are all going to be able to smoke Exotikz weed, so it’s honestly the coolest shit ever,” adds Berner.

Reef Dispensaries CEO Matthew Morgan couldn’t agree more.

“I felt like it was the closest fit for some of the best cannabis companies in the country. We do certain things very well, they do certain things amazingly. I just felt that marrying those two relationships together could really do something special.”

The Exotikz strains will be released in limited quantities on September 16th at Reef Dispensaries’ Las Vegas Strip location and are scheduled for a wider release Winter 2017. Head over to Tryke Cultivator to read the interview in its entirety now.