Reef Dispensary Reaches Milestone of Over 2 Million Transactions


LAS VEGAS, NV – Tryke Companies is proud to announce that it has exceeded 2 million customer transactions across its six Reef Dispensary locations in Nevada and Arizona. With its flagship Las Vegas Strip location named one of Lyft’s trending destinations of 2017, Reef Dispensary has emerged as the undisputed leader in Nevada’s cannabis industry, where it operates four recreational dispensaries in the Las Vegas and Reno areas. After auditing customer transaction data from both states, Reef can confirm that it has processed just over 2.1M orders as of August 1st, 2018.

Since its inception in 2014, Reef Dispensary has endeavored to perfect the cannabis customer experience, constantly fine-tuning and streamlining its processes to meet the high demand of its market. Even in peak periods, Reef has been able to efficiently serve the queue in minutes, while still providing each customer individualized attention tailored to fit their needs. The Wall Street Journal has called it “the world’s happiest line.”

About Reef Dispensary:
Reef Dispensary’s 165,000-square-foot indoor cultivation facility, as seen on Vice news, is the largest of its kind in the state. Reef’s Las Vegas base of operations uniquely houses each the cultivation, production, and sale of its products under one roof. Reef Dispensary offers service for recreational customers and medical marijuana patients at six locations across Nevada and Arizona, with an unprecedented level of concierge customer service and a wide selection of products for every palette.

About Tryke Companies:
Tryke Companies is a network of ten MMJ licenses for the cultivation, production and retail sale of medical cannabis in Arizona and Nevada. Tryke retail operations, d.b.a. Reef Dispensaries, has existing dispensaries in Nevada (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Sparks, Sun Valley) and Arizona (Central Phoenix, Queen Creek), with additional locations coming soon.