Reef Dispensary Makes the Cover of Vegas Cannabis Magazine’s 50th Issue

Reef Dispensary is honored to be the focus of the landmark 50th issue of Vegas Cannabis Magazine. Featuring an eye-popping cover with model Nina Navarrette that was captured by photographer Shane O’Neal, VCM focuses on Reef’s leadership in Nevada’s legal marijuana market in story entitled “Reef Madness: How Reef Dispensaries Became the Market Leader in Nevada”, written by Zackary Kelley. Check out an excerpt below:

“We are nimble as it relates to change. That has been one of the keys to our success. We focus on new and innovative ideas to better serve our patients and customers every day,” says Mark Conley, Director of Retail for the company. Formerly a Walmart district manager for 25 years, Conley’s expertise was put into play to help reshape the overall experience customers have when coming to Reef. For instance, an October 2016 Complex article described Reef Dispensary as having “a design aesthetic that takes a page from the Apple Store,” which since then, many shops have embraced as well, implementing iPads and large wooden tables, presumably following Apple’s (or Reef’s) lead.

“We tried that model and it failed,” says Conley. “Ultimately, it became like a Blockbuster Video, where people were just roaming around the property trying to make a decision for 45 minutes. IPads break or need maintenance. Customers don’t understand the transaction flow. That doesn’t work when you are the busiest dispensary in the country. We are about getting you in and out and making sure that you have the best experience possible in that short time period.”

This level of service is not exclusive to Reef’s Strip locale. A trip to their North Las Vegas location paints a similar picture, it too is a constant revolving door of happy people.

“We actually see almost an equal amount of customers daily at our North Las Vegas location as our Las Vegas Strip store. Primarily locals,” say Conley, suggesting that their prime real estate adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip is not the sole factor of their success.

That said, what does Reef think about more dispensaries moving into that stretch of land by the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas? Locals have nicknamed it ‘The Green Mile,’ as it is quickly becoming a district made up entirely of dispensaries and strip clubs. Some of these competitors are attempting to create pot shops with tourist attractions attached.

“We think it’s great. It’s going to drive more business to us and everyone else in the immediate area. If you want cannabis in Las Vegas, this is where the action is,” says Tryke Companies CEO Adam Ryan. “But at the end of the day, customers will ask the same questions ‘How’s the weed? How is the customer experience?’ Bells and whistles are awesome for museum type setups, but we’re more concerned with our own quality product and speedy service.”

The story is also featured in the 18th issue of VCM sister publication Tahoe Cannabis. Head over to Vegas Cannabis’ website to read the full article, or pick up a free copy of the magazine at any Southern Nevada Reef Dispensary location.