LAS VEGAS, NV – Reef Dispensary is proud to announce the grand opening of its all new, expanded North Las Vegas location, positioned in the same shopping center as the original NLV dispensary. The new 7500 sq. ft. location is over three times the size of the previous location, taking over what was formerly a […]

Strain of the Week: The Potion

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Malawi x Do-Si-Dos Flavor: Metallic, Pungent Effects: Potent, Uplifting Concocted in a mad scientist’s lab, The Potion is a Sativa dominant hybrid spliced together from Dos-Si-Dos and Malawi. The Potion bubbles with a unique stench, packing an almost metallic scent, providing a surprisingly potent, uplifting high.

Strain of the Week: Purple Apricot

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid Genetics: Purple Punch x Legend Orange Apricot Flavor: Sweet, Citrusy Effects: Light onset high, relaxation Bred by the great folks at Compound Genetics, Purple Apricot is an Indica dominant hybrid that comes from a blend of the classic Purple Punch and Legend Orange Apricot. This strain gives off a pungent, citrusy […]

Strain of the Week: Granola Funk

Strain: Granola Funk Type: Indica-leaning hybrid Genetics: Cookies x Wookie 15 Flavor/Aroma: Funky, sharp, dank Effect: Heady, cerebral, mellow body high. No heavy couch-lock Granola Funk is a dank, indica-leaning hybrid that comes from GSC and Wookie 15. Packing a funky, sharp and pungent aroma, this unique strain boasts a rich, well-rounded terpene profile. Granola […]

Announcement: Reef Dispensary Phoenix Location Now Open Until 10PM

PHOENIX, AZ – Tryke Companies d/b/a Reef Dispensary is pleased to announce that its Phoenix, Arizona location (5436 W. Latham St, Phoenix, AZ 85043) is now open daily until 10PM. Previously closing every evening at 7PM, Reef’s new later hours will allow medical patients in Arizona to visit the dispensary even after those late nights […]

Strain of the Week: Quantum Kush

Type: Sativa Genetics: Sweet Irish Kush x Timewreck Flavor: Earthy, Sweet, Flowery Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative, Energetic Mad science at its finest. Quantum Kush will kick your creative brain in to high gear, thanks to its classic Sativa properties. This earthy, sweet concoction of Sweet Irish Kush and Timewreck will send your mind into […]

Reef Dispensary Presents The Trailblazers: Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan (1934-1996) is known for a multitude of accolades, having each “astronomer”, “cosmologist”, “astrophysicist”, and “author”, among other titles, next to his name. Having written over 600 scientific papers and 20 books, including both Cosmos and Contact, Sagan is renowned for his research on space, extra-terrestrial life and human existence. As one of the […]

Tryke Companies / Reef Dispensary Announces Winners of 2018 ‘Reef Grants’ Program

Tryke Companies / Reef Dispensary celebrates its second year of the Reef Grants program. Reef Grants are cash allocations that to go toward projects or causes that the company feels strongly about. This year, the cannabis company has hand-picked eight charitable, non-profit organizations or in-need individuals to be a part of the Reef Grants program […]

Strain of the Week: Strawberry Cookies

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Platinum Strawberry Kush x Epic Cookies Flavor: Musky, fruity, Effects: Sleepiness, calming, heavy body high There are different cuts of Strawberry Cookies out in the wild, but ours comes from a blend of Platinum Strawberry Kush and Epic Cookies. This hybrid produces hearty, dense nugs for those that love a bulky bud. […]

Reef Dispensary Makes the Cover of Vegas Cannabis Magazine’s 50th Issue

Reef Dispensary is honored to be the focus of the landmark 50th issue of Vegas Cannabis Magazine. Featuring an eye-popping cover with model Nina Navarrette that was captured by photographer Shane O’Neal, VCM focuses on Reef’s leadership in Nevada’s legal marijuana market in story entitled “Reef Madness: How Reef Dispensaries Became the Market Leader in […]