What are Cannabis Concentrates and How Do I Use Them?

How do you dab? What is shatter? What’s resin? ROSIN? Rising in popularity over the last few years as an alternative to smoking marijuana flower are cannabis extracts. Utilizing incredibly precise, scientific methods, technicians have discovered innovative ways to ingest cannabinoids with concentrated extracts. These methods have quickly gone viral in the cannabis community. Not only do they deliver a much cleaner product to your body, but they also yield much higher levels of THC or CBD content.

In the latest piece for our Medium publication Tryke Cultivator, we sat down with Reef’s extraction lab production director Jesse Carter and our director of cultivation Darin Carpenter. With there being so many new and diverse ways to enjoy and medicate with cannabis, the two answered every question one might have about the extraction process. In addition to beautiful animated images of the extraction lab, the piece explains the benefits of using concentrates, the different consistencies that they come in, and even how to use them.

Head over to Tryke Cultivator to learn everything you need to know about these fast-growing methods of alternative consumption.