Green Wednesday & Thanksgiving 2021

Green Wednesday and Thanksgiving 2021 Deals Are Here

Nevada Thanksgiving 2021

Thursday November 25th, 2021 is Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

It’s a time to be thankful for all that we have. For many, it’s also a chance to spend time with family and friends, partake in an epic feast, or just get some alone-time to binge watch Netflix in peace (we won’t judge). No matter how we spend the holiday, one thing that’s for certain is that more of us than ever will also be including cannabis in our Thanksgiving rituals. So much so, in fact, that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (now dubbed ‘Green Wednesday’) has become one of the top cannabis sales days of the year, behind only 4/20.

To celebrate this fact, and as a show of thanks to you, we have some of the best savings of the season in stores Green Wednesday, Thanksgiving Day, and all weekend long. Even better, these specials stack with member level discounts, so you have still take advantage of your everyday discount on top of the savings below. So without further ado, here are the specials that they can take advantage of starting Wednesday 11/24, for a limited time.

Green Wednesday & Thanksgiving Day Only Specials:

  • 40% off Tryke Cartridges
  • Khalifa Kush 1g Prerolls $10 each or get 5 for $40
  • ALL Gold Tier prerolls will be flashed to Black tier
  • ALL Platinum Tier prerolls will be flashed to Gold Tier

Wednesday through Sunday Specials:

  • 40% off Tryke Concentrates
  • 40% off Tryke CBD
  • 40% off Tryke Tinctures
  • 40% off Tryke Mist Sublingual Sprays
  • 40% off Tryke Cannabella Dried Fruit
  • 25% off Dutcheez Hemp Blunts
  • 25% off Anti-Gravity Infused Prerolls
  • 25% off Motivator Infused Prerolls
  • 25% off Vapes from Verano, City Trees, & Rove
  • 25% off Concentrates from Cannavative, Fuze, AMA, Roar, City Trees, & MPX
  • 25% off Cannapunch Beverages
  • 25% off Cheeba Chews
  • 25% off Verano (Encore) Edibles & Topicals
  • 25% off Cannahemp CBD

Select a store below to browse the menu and place an order for express pick-up:

All specials are valid while supplies last and subject to availability. Prices do not include tax. Management reserves all rights. See a store associate for details.

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