420 Deals 2022

Happy 4/20 from Reef Dispensary

Nevada 420 Deals 2022

It’s time again for the everyone’s favorite holiday, 4/20, where we celebrate with our best deals of the entire year.

Want to beat the crowds? All of our 4.20 deals are valid starting at 12:01 AM on Tuesday 4/19/2022, and good any time through 11:59:59 PM on Wednesday 4/20/2022, so shop anytime Tuesday or Wednesday to take advantage of the same great savings.

All deals stack with member-level discounts like our every day 10% Local, Senior, and Veteran discounts.

Buy One Get One 420 NV
Buy One, Get One (BOGO) on the following:

  • Tryke Concentrates
  • Tryke Tinctures
  • Mist THC Oral Spray

Buy Two Get One 420 NV
Buy Two, Get One (B2G1) on the following:

  • All Flower & Prerolls
  • Including flash sale flower and prerolls
  • Edibles from Tryke, Khalifa Kush, Wyld, Select, Verano, Cannapunch, Deep Roots, Cheeba Chews, Wicked Sour & BaM
  • Vapes from Tryke, Khalifa Kush, Select, Verano & Rove
  • Preroll Packs from Dutcheez, B-Noble & Bluebirds
  • Infused Prerolls from Anti-Gravity, Featured Farms & Swift Lift
  • Topicals from Verano, Nordic Goddess, Tryke
  • All CBD Products (Including Tryke & Cannahemp)

Buy Three, Get One (B3G1) on Everything Else
That’s right, any medicated item not included above will be B3G1, which means that every medicated item in the store is on sale. The only exclusions are merchandise, apparel, and accessories. If it has THC or CBD, it’s on sale!

Just a few things to be aware of. First, these 4/20 deals will all be calculated as percentage discounts, so when we say BOGO, we will actually ring eligible items up at 50% off. Want to buy two for the price of one? Great! But even if you only want to buy one, we’ll still give you the same 50% off savings. We just like to call it a BOGO. Same goes for B2G1 (33.3% off) and B3G1 (25% off).

B2G1 flower is a new one for us. The B2G1 will stack with any flash sales that we have that move strains from one tier to another. What won’t stack is volume pricing. The B2G1 (33.3% off) price will apply based on the unit price of the eighth or gram that you purchase, with no separate pricing for multiple units such as quarters, halves, ounces. So if you buy 4 eighths, instead of getting the half-ounce price, you’ll instead pay 33.3% off the eighth price for each of the 4 units. This is a better deal than our regular volume pricing, and gives you more flexibility to mix and match between tiers, rather than trying to select all of your strains from the same tier to take advantage of volume pricing.

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All specials are valid while supplies last and subject to availability. Prices do not include tax. Management reserves all rights. See a store associate for details.

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