Reef Dispensary’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Marijuana Edibles

Here at Reef Dispensary, we get asked numerous questions about our products on a daily basis. One of the most popular topics of interest are edibles, those cannabis infused treats that allow you to discreetly eat marijuana rather than smoke it. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you find the right products and […]

Strain of the Week: Elmer’s Glue

Type: Indica-Hybrid Genetics: GG#4 x The White Flavor: Earthy, fuely Effects: Anti-anxiety, couch lock, relaxation, clear-head Elmer’s Glue is an Indica-dominant hybrid, bred from the very popular GG#4, crossed with The White. Similar to its simian ancestor, this pastey adhesive will stick you to the sofa with its relaxing effects, perfect for anti-anxiety, leaving you […]

Strain of the Week: Cherry Louis

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Cherry Pie x King Louis XIII Flavor: Citrus, Lemony, Sweet Effects: Couch lock, Relaxation, Body High As the legend goes, King Louis XIII had a secret, sordid affair with Cherry Pie, producing an illegitimate hybrid daughter, Cherry Louis. Packing a sweet, lemon-citrus aroma, Cherry Louis lights up a room with her fruity […]

Reef Dispensary Announces ‘Year 1’ Third Party Vendor Specials For NV Rec Celebration

  Reef Dispensary is excited to celebrate the first year of legalized recreational cannabis in Nevada this weekend. In addition to exclusive product drops and free items for revelers at Saturday night’s Las Vegas Strip event (full details here), Reef is also teaming up with local third party cannabis vendors for special offers for the […]

Strain of the Week: Poison Cherry

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Alien OG x Cherry Pie Flavor: Wine, Peppery, Musky Effects: Couch lock, Relaxation, Sleep Aid Never trust a big bud and a smile, that girl is POISON CHERRY. This sultry seductress will woo you with her red wine aroma, mixed with a musky, peppery smell of that bar she likes to frequent. […]

Strain of the Week: Blue Sherbert

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Blue Cookies + Sherbert Flavor: Berry, Blueberry, Sweetness Effects: Creativity, Euphoria, Relaxation With origins in the Bay Area, Blue Sherbert comes from a powerful cross of Blue Cookies and Sherbert. As the name suggests, this fruity hybrid sings with sweet notes of blueberry, injecting your mind with a burst of euphoria and […]

Strain of the Week: Cherry Cobbler

Type: Indica Genetics: Cookies x Cherry Pie Flavor: Earthy, Sweet Effects: Sedative, relaxation, pain relief This earthy, sweet Indica comes from a cross breeding of the popular Cookies and Cherry Pie strains, naturally carrying on some of the traits of its parents. A heavier Indica, the Cherry Cobbler packs potent effects of sedation and relaxation. […]

Strain of the Week: Hell Monkey

Type: Indica Genetics: GG#4 x Chem 91 IX Flavor: pungent, sour, citrus, fuel Effects: Relaxation, happy, euphoric From the burning depths of the underworld comes a satanic mash-up of GG#4 and Chem 91 IX, producing a demonic offspring known only as Hell Monkey. This unholy Indica gives off a pungent, fuely aroma, with notes of […]